CB 5508 CoolBell Laptop Backpack

Fits laptop up to 18.4 Inch
Material: Oxford Nylon cloth
210D waterproof polyester lining Durable
Ergonomic design
Protects Laptops and Notebook
Prevent from Accidental drop
Advanced anti-dust, water ski, anti-wrinkle effect
Details about genuine CoolBell laptop Backpack

Sophisticated design with 2 main compartments and 2 extra compartments, the main compartment 1 has a separate laptop compartment, a shock-resistant sheath with 5 layers of fabric, and is equipped with state-of-the-art security shock absorbers for your laptop. . In addition, there is a rubberized cord to adjust the size of your lap top. Main compartment 2 has shock absorption for Ipad, spacious, filing.


The wide form fits into a 17-inch laptop, or long walks

The pencil, telephone and wallet pockets are designed to be easily spaced and spaced apart. On the right side there must be a net bag that can hold water or rain umbrellas. The left side of the bag has a buckle, suitable for items such as car lock, USB, computer mouse.

The upper side of the handle is 3 cm wide, made of rubber, high quality plastic coated steel coil, nail sticker, thick line, sure you no longer have to worry about the podium only. High-grade stainless steel tweezers, with plastic straps with Original CoolBell logo

The back is equipped with massage pads with air bubble particles, so you do not have to suffer from fatigue when you wear a lot of things, you can carry up to 10kg of items that you do not.


Genuine 3 year warranty

Sturdy hanging strap with 2cm wide and 2cm wide straps. In addition, the strap is designed long, with plastic hooks to help you flexibly adjust the straps according to body size.

On the social networking site, or your personal FaceBook, moms always complain each other how to buy laptop batteries how to know quality products, genuine affordable. Following CoolBell please share some "tips" pocket when going to buy laptop battery genuine.


The back has a thick, silky finish for the user

The genuine seam of the seam will be more delicate, smaller and much more worn out with unclear laptop backpacks. Material is light raw material, good water slide, no wrinkles, anti-dust effectively. Anti-shock layer, ensure the safety of the laptop. Some baloons are also designed with additional anti-particle beads.


B 5508 has 2 main compartments and one additional compartment, separate laptop compartment with modern anti-shock layer

The inner lap of a genuine laptop balo has its logo printed and the picture is floating, crisp, bold. Stainless steel buckles are not rusty, absolutely no oxidization. The most attention is the warranty, for genuine products are always under warranty for 12 - 36 months, and other treatment regimes.

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Coolbell 18.4 Inches Waterproof Laptop Backpack CB-5508 - Black

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