Product introduction

10000mAh Remax RPP-105 wireless backup battery supports users with fast wireless charging and wired fast charging in a short time, ensuring safety

Wireless fast charging and PD fast charging

Remax RPP-105 is equipped with PD 18W fast charging function that supports Output 5V / 3A - 9V-2A - 12V / 1.5A and Input 5V / 2A - 9V / 2A. Therefore, the device can shorten the charging time 3 times compared to conventional USB charging ports. You can get a full battery within 3-4 hours. Please use the appropriate quick charger cable for best charging results.

10000mAh Remax RPP-105 wireless backup battery

10000mAh Remax RPP-105 wireless backup battery is QI certified with up to 10W wireless output compatible with all mobile phones, iPads, tablets, 2nd generation Air Pods, and electrical devices Other deaths. Ultra-fast wireless charging technology helps users accelerate battery charging, reducing waiting time. Wireless charging speed is fast and is not affected by wired charging system.

Versatile design utility

1. Equipped with absorbing button holds phone

If the phone accessories  with wireless charging function often have a smooth surface for users to place mobile devices on. But with the RPP-105, the manufacturer adds 4 absorbing buttons that help users easily fix the phone to the right charging position. Besides, 4 absorbing buttons will hold the phone more firmly so that the device does not deviate from the impact. Great!

10000mAh Remax RPP-105 wireless backup battery pack - 4

Absorb button keeps phone steady

2. Easily control battery capacity

Remax Power Bank RPP-105 is equipped with an intelligent LCD digital display for 100% accuracy. You can check the remaining power whenever or wherever when looking at. In particular, the screen also displays details of voltage and current as well as devices that use the wireless charging feature in action.

10000mAh Remax RPP-105 wireless backup power bank - 5

Digital screen

3. High-class materials

10000mAh Remax RPP-105 Backup Battery Pack is made of high-class PC material with high hardness, durability and longevity. In particular, the material is effective against fire and explosion. When charging the battery will not cause hot hand phenomenon.

10000mAh Remax RPP-105 - 6 wireless backup battery

High quality material

Safe to use

Remax RPP-105 uses large roll batteries, polymer batteries (the safest battery type to date) and strict safety protection system. In order to ensure safety for users to use with 9 protection features including: Temperature protection, short circuit protection, overload, over voltage, over current, over current, reverse protection, ...

10000mAh Remax RPP-105 wireless backup power bank - 7

9 safety protection when in use

The RPP-105 wireless backup battery meets the requirements of the Civil Aviation Authority and can be put onboard when traveling far away. Enjoy traveling with you and your family with this great product.

10000mAh Remax RPP-105 - 8 wireless backup battery

Safe to bring on board

10000mAh Remax RPP-105 - 9 wireless backup battery

The product has 2 luxurious color versions

10000mAh Remax RPP-105 wireless backup battery pack - 10

Come to Remax Vietnam to experience this great product, at an affordable price. You absolutely feel secure when buying, not only receive high quality products, you also enjoy our excellent after sales policy. Contact the Hotline (free of charge) for direct advice and quick order with COD delivery service nationwide.

Very pleased to serve you!

Technical data

Product's name: Remax RPP-105 wireless backup battery 10000mAh
The firm: Remax
Model: RPP-105
Capacity: 10,000mAh
Input: 5V / 2A - 9V / 2A
Output: 5V / 3A - 9V-2A - 12V / 1.5A
Size: 135.5x70x15.5 mm
Weight: 215g

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REMAX Wireless Power Bank 10000mah RPP-105

  • Brand: Romoss
  • Product Code: RPP-135
  • Availability: In Stock
  • ₦9,000

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