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Daewoo 1000-Watt Dry Iron DSI-8035

₦3,300 ₦3,500 Ex Tax: ₦3,300 -6%

The Daewoo Dry iron DSI-8035 is simple to use iron that comes with dry functions. It has variable temperature control, self-cleaning, and an anti-drip function. The soft grip handle and stainless stee..

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Daewoo 4-Speed 300W Glass Blender With Mill Grinder DBL-810 - 1.5Litres

₦9,400 ₦9,800 Ex Tax: ₦9,400 -4%

The 300W Daewoo glass blender breaks down all kinds of food for maximum nutrition. Make delicious smoothies or hearty soups. With its sleek design, the Daewoo glass blender is the ideal appliance..

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Daewoo Electric Solid Single Hot Plate DHP-6220

₦5,500 ₦5,800 Ex Tax: ₦5,500 -5%

This Daewoo Electric Hot Plate is produced by the popular household appliances brand, all master. The Electric Stove is specially made to suit your taste. It's wowing features makes it a must-have for..

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Daewoo Steam Iron - DSI-9249 - 2000W

₦7,700 ₦7,900 Ex Tax: ₦7,700 -3%

The Daewoo steam iron DSI-9249 is simple to use iron that comes with dry, steam, and spray functions. It has variable temperature control, self-cleaning, and an anti-drip function. The soft grip handl..

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F&D A-180X Multimedia Bluetooth Speaker

₦23,000 ₦24,000 Ex Tax: ₦23,000 -4%

   Experience the best music listening experience with the F&D Speaker. The speaker comes equipped with a bass driver that helps deliver cutting edge bass and superior sound quality...

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F&D A111F 2.1 Subwoofer Multimedia Speakers

₦17,500 ₦18,000 Ex Tax: ₦17,500 -3%

If you are planning to enhance your movie watching experience or even listening to music, right from the comfort of your bedroom, the F&D A111F is just the right product for ..

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F&D E200 Mini-Sound Bar Laptop Speaker

₦13,000 ₦14,500 Ex Tax: ₦13,000 -10%

Get hooked and addicted to high definition sound quality with the F&D E200 Soundbar. This speaker comes with exciting features such as 1 year warranty, single channel output and much mor..

F&D E200 Plus Multimedia Sound Bar Speaker

₦20,000 Ex Tax: ₦20,000

OverviewWith an eye-catching design and ergonomic look, F&D E200 Plus Bluetooth Soundbar is equally appealing to the ears and eyes. With its high quality audio output and miniature size, thi..

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F&D F3800X 5.1 Bluetooth Multimedia Home Theatre Speaker System

₦45,000 ₦48,000 Ex Tax: ₦45,000 -6%

Bring home the F3800X 5.1 Speaker System with Bluetooth/USB/SD/FM that is offering an ultra-modern super stylish body with an enhanced sound system. You can enjoy the content from your smartphones..

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F&D F5060X 5.1 Home Theatre Bluetooth Multimedia Speaker System

₦79,500 ₦80,000 Ex Tax: ₦79,500 -1%

Features:3" full range driver and 1’ tweeter for satellites 8" bass, driver for sub woofer, Innovative automatic multi-color LED on sub woofer, Bluetooth 4.0 version, Bluetooth operation range ..

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F&D F700X 5.1 Portable Bluetooth Home Audio System

₦36,000 ₦38,000 Ex Tax: ₦36,000 -5%

he F&D 700X Home Theatre Speaker system is sure to enhance your home entertainment experience. It is equipped with a fully functional remote control that lets you adjust settings according to ..

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F&D T-180BT Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar

₦29,999 ₦30,000 Ex Tax: ₦29,999 -0%

Experience brilliant quality sound now with F&D T-180BT Bluetooth Soundbar and bring home the ultimate multimedia experience. Its Bluetooth 2.0 compatible speakers offer incredible audio cla..

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F&D T-30X 2.0 Tower Bluetooth Audio System

₦55,000 ₦56,000 Ex Tax: ₦55,000 -2%

F&D T-30X is 2.0 Bluetooth enable Tower/Floor standing Speaker with remote control.We suspect there is a built in sub woofer to enhance the sound quality. The Speaker is bound by wood casing a..

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F&D T-60X Floorstanding Subwoofer Tower Multimedia Bluetooth Speakers

₦58,000 ₦60,000 Ex Tax: ₦58,000 -3%


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F&D T200X Bluetooth Multimedia TV Speaker 2.1

₦55,000 ₦60,000 Ex Tax: ₦55,000 -8%

The F&D T200X Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar with Sub Woofer will take your entertainment to a new level. The 20.32 subwoofer complements the 5.08 cm full range driver to generate crystal clear sound..

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HP 15.6 Value Topload Laptop Backpack - Grey

₦4,800 ₦5,000 Ex Tax: ₦4,800 -4%

Keep your tablet or laptop close at hand no matter where you are with the HP 15.6" Laptop Backpack.With a spacious front pocket that can be accessed by the vertical zip, as well as spacious storag..

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